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Training in Security, Protection of People and related topics

  • escort courses

  • Basic Security of Facilities

  • Security Measures against losses in Retail and Supply Chain.

  • How to protect yourself at home, on the street and in your office (Dignitaries)

  • Protection against Extortion, Express Kidnapping,

  • How to avoid ant theft in your companies and how to protect your merchandise

  • What to do about assaults and other violent crimes

  • Advanced Security and Security Supervision Workshop

  • Fire Management and Fighting

  • Basic First Aid

  • Training of Emergency Brigades

  • Self Defense

  • Identification of Counterfeit or Adulterated Dollars

  • Identification of Suspicious Persons and Modus Operandi

  • Identification of Doubtful Documents, IDs, Passports

  • Check Security Measures

  • Identification of Doubtful or Fraudulent Signatures

  • Interview methodology (civil interrogation)

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