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Virtual Guard

At Sayeret we have an Operations Center with highly effective technological systems, with which we reinforce the supervision of the guards, the quality control of security protocols and 24-hour incident care with expedited connection with the national police, emergency departments and our rapid response units.

How does it work?

Our experts analyze and raise the security protocols and critical processes to be monitored together with the client.
A team of highly trained operators with the help of high-tech systems and artificial intelligence monitor 24/7 for anomalies, failures, and crimes.
In a direct link with the client's security and the national police or emergency departments, an immediate response is provided to any risk situation.
Written reports are generated for each situation observed for the attention and use of the client, both at the criminal and labor level.
Safety committees are created to maintain expedited communication channels.

It's not just about safety

The Virtual Guard system becomes an excellent ally of the company's operation, turns your camera system into the supervisor you really need, our operators carry out constant audits of the processes and functions that your employees must comply with, generating reports of any anomaly, breach or failure, so that decisions and measures can be taken correctly,  and your operation will be more efficient.
The monitoring protocols are created jointly with the client, in this way the supervision and auditing is adjusted to the specific needs of each company or business.

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